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Our services run the gamut from scheduled maintenance and
fluid services, to heavy-line repairs and  engine/transmission work.
A short list of the services we provide is as follows:


Maintenance Services:

–Oil and filter service
–Transmission Fluid and Filter Service
–Coolant Service/Flushes
–Differential Service
–Brake Fluid Flushes
–Power Steering Flushes
–Tune ups (Spark Plugs, Plug Wires [If applicable], Fuel Filter, PCV, Air Filter)
–Brake Service
–Tire replacement, rotation, mounting, balancing
–And more…


–Steering and suspension repair (ball joints, tie rods, control arms, steering gears, bearings, alignments)
–Drive-train (Drive-shaft, Differential, Axles)
–Emissions and Exhaust Systems
–Air Conditioning/Climate Control
–Body Electrical and Mechanical (Doors, power locks, windows, etc.)
–And more…


–Check Engine Lights
–Indicator Lights
–Driveability concerns (noises, vibrations, misfires)
–And more…

Not just an Oil Change…

When you come in for an oil change at Assured Auto Works, you’re getting a lot more than some 5W-30 and a filter. What follows is a list of procedures that are performed during every lube oil and filter service, just another reason why you can feel at home at Assured Auto Works, knowing that your vehicle is in good hands, and that at the end of the day, we’ve got YOUR best interests at heart. Once the vehicle is pulled into the garage we:

–Confirm proper operation of instruments and warning lights
–Confirm engine start-up and idle off faculties
–Check exterior lights and wipers
–Perform complete visual inspection of engine compartment (belts, hoses, wiring, throttle body, fluid levels and condition)
–Top off fluids as necessary (and as authorized by you, as charges may apply)
–Perform complete visual inspection of undercarriage (seals, cooling systems, suspension, power-train, fuel supply system, exhaust)
–Drain engine oil, replace oil filter
–Check tires, rotate if necessary, adjust pressures to specification (including spare)
–Perform complete 4-wheel brake inspection (linings, surfaces, hoses, hydraulics)
–Fill with manufacturer specified engine oil and quantity
–Reset Maintenance Required Light (where applicable)

This kind of inspection allows us to understand the state of your vehicle, the better to educate you to its needs. We are not interested in selling you services that aren’t necessary. We are interested, however, in informing you of the status of your car or truck’s components and systems, and keeping you safe on the road.

General Car Care

• Tune-ups • Oil, Lube and Filter • Ignition Wires and Cables • Batteries • Transmission Repairs •Spark Plugs


• Hoses and Filters • Carburetor Repair\Overhaul • Cooling Systems • Water Pumps • Radiators • Timing Belts • Fuel Injection Cleaning\Repair • Ignition Diagnosis and Repair • Starters • Alternators • Electrical Systems • Air Conditioner\Heater • Emission Repair • Muffler and Exhaust System

Suspension and Drivetrain

• Shocks • Struts • Wheel Alignment • CV Boots and Axles • Clutches • Differential Repairs

      BrinUnderHood2                       Exhaust                       UnderHoodCustomer

This customer was experiencing water sloshing under the dash and a very wet floor board. The A/C system drain was clogged and was keeping the A/C condensation in the air conditioning case instead of draining out of the vehicle. We had to make a custom drain bucket with a drain hose attached to drain the case without making a mess in the vehicle.

Posted by Assured Auto Works, Inc. on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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